Monday, July 23, 2007

The 12 types of Ads

Great article by Seth Stevenson in slate today. He basically reviews the findings by Tedd Gunn that all advertising breaks down into 12 master categories/forms. He also has a great slide show accompaniment

A summary from the slide show is below:

12 Universal Ad Types

-Demo of product: ie. iphone launch commercials

-Show the need/problem: ie. cingular dropped calls

-Symbol, analogy, or exaggerated graphic to show problem: Lamisil's nasty foot germ.

-Comparison: charles schwab/talk to chuck (my broker doesn't listen)

-Exemplary Story: situation where product use saves - VW crash during idle chat

-Benefit causes story - ad back-to-front, by imagining a trail of events that might be caused by the product's benefit - Women chasing and tackling Axe Deodorant User

-Presenter/Tell-it - UPS or old school "Aleve worked for me" testimonial

-On Going Character: Geico Caveman, Insurance guy that was president in TV show "24"

-Symbol, analogy, or exaggerated graphic: Demonstrates a benefit of the product with symbolism. Meet the slowskys for comcast high speed.

-Associated User Imagery: The advertiser showcases the type of people it hopes you'll associate with the product. Nike/Gatorade athletes working out in rain etc.

-Unique Personality Property: These spots highlight something indigenous to the product that will make it stand out. Dyson Vacuums

-Parody or Borrowed Format: Coke side of life; grand theft auto made nice

Check it out here..

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