Wednesday, August 8, 2007

There's a new typeface in town

Roadsigns are about to get a makover. The federal highway association has preliminarily approved a new typeface for our interstate road signage. The new typeface is called ClearviewHwy, and was designed for maximum legibility and ease of recognition. The type designer was James Montalbano.

Overall it reminds me a bit of a love child of Adobe Jansen & FF DIN, but it's really a well executed typeface. Kerning is a bit odd in some of the examples, but it's still better than the old FHWA Series E type in my opinion.

I wonder just how many folks will actually notice once the change takes place? If I see it out of state (not coming to GA anytime soon from what I understand) I'll take a photo and post.

You can learn more about the project below:

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