Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do we really need another blog?

This is a blog named after a quote I once read. It's from a gentleman named Bill Bernbach (

EDITOR CORRECTION: The quote is actually from Jay Chiat; another great advertiser, but I didn't feel like re-writing the post or re-titling the blog. Sometimes you just have to roll with your mistakes.

Anyway, Bill Bernback is the guy that came up with Volkswagen Beetle's "Think Small" ad campaign. Quite possibly the greatest ad campaign of the 20th century. I remember seeing those ads in a book on advertising when I was 20. They made the profession seem clever and almost noble. A profession that took a company's differences/strengths and turned them into something unique and special that was worthy of admiration.

Thinking small was really about thinking different. My perception was that Advertising was cooler than the I.T. industry and it appeared to reward merit more than politics and public affairs (my original career ambitions). That's why I got into the interactive marketing industry and that's why I decided to start neboweb ( out of my brother's guest bedroom 4 years ago. Thankfully we're far from the guest bedroom and we now have the type of office most often seen in HBO sitcoms. It used to be an art gallery and it's in the warehouse district of west midtown Atlanta. What a cliche. As vonnegut said, "We must be careful because we often become what we pretend to be."

This blog is about thinking different and somewhat about me. Hopefully that's a plus and not a minus. I appreciate your time and will try to make it enjoyable. After all do we really need another blog?


carla said...

Yes, we need a lot more blogs. I like these blogs. Thought-provoking.

Toby said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of the marketing blogospere. Nice to have another ATL blogger on board. And, yup, that's what social media is all about .. "authentically" rolling with your mistakes .. and celebrating your success too!