Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Slate.com launches video version of magazine

Looks like slate.com (one of my favorite online mags) has stopped taking baby steps with intermittent video features and has joined the online video party full bore.

Slate says the launch of SlateV (V for video -- no points for clever naming) is intended to fill "the sweet spot between cnn and youtube." And to bring their "irreverent wit, sharp intelligence, and counterintuitive insights" to the online video space. All the major magazine features are now video casts.

Hopefully this doesn't mean they're going to discontinue the print versions. In today's multi-tasking work place it's much easier to peruse an article in small chunks, than to stop/start video segments.

Only time will tell if SlateV is ahead of the curve or just a failed attempt to make a great online print-style magazine into a CurrentTV series of video-mag shorts.

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